Ali Kabakci – Black Crown feat. Okto Mod

Ali Kabakci’ya ait ikinci tekli Black Crown, Okto Mod’un vokalleri ile beraber tüm dijital müzik mağazalarda yayında!

She was the light I needed
That never seems to go out
I only kissed her slowly
But I didn’t know she would rip apart

I thought she would enlighten my life
But she plunged into the darkness
I always listened to her lies
Why I refused her blindness

I wanted to change your fears
But I knew that I couldn’t change your thoughts
I tried to stop your fires.
But you were afraid of the clouds

Now I don’t like cold nights anymore
Since you kept me warm with your hands
Now I don’t like mornings anymore
Since you woke me up by kissing me slowly
Now I don’t like letters anymore
Since I pressed them to my lips
Now I don’t like memories about you
Since you buried all my dreams

Retro Yapım

Deneysel, Elektronik, Müzik